Team Ubi

Tod Foley

Tod is a game designer, writer, programmer & technical director, founder of As If Productions, and author of numerous roleplaying games and adventures including Other Borders (2016), DayTrippers (2015), Watch the World Die (2014), and CyberSpace (1989). He was the designer of the GII Award-winning online "World of South Park" for Comedy Central, writer/producer of the live interactive theatrical presentation "Ghosts In the Machine" (CyberArts International, 1992), and Senior Editor of PIX-elation magazine (1993-1996).

Adrian McCauley

Adrian McCauley is a published author of fantasy, hard science fiction and slipstream short fiction. Adrian is currently working on three novels: a Y/A science fiction adventure called Terminal, a grimdark fantasy novel (currently untitled), and a Y/A zombie apocalypse story set in New Zealand, entitled The Hunger.

Antony M. Copeland

Antony Copeland is the creator of Hermes925 and The City Of Gate. He's been a lover of writing stories, particularly science fiction and fantasy since childhood, and finally decided to take the plunge in his mid-thirties. Despite his late start he's determined to fulfill his childhood dreams and become a well-known author, and hopes that his success will inspire others to take a similar leap of faith. Antony's detailed and colorful depiction of the "N-Viron" was a key inspiration for the vision of UbiquiCity.

DeAnna Knippling

DeAnna is a freelance writer, editor, and book designer living in Colorado. She's the author of Alice's Adventures in Underland and Choose Your Doom Zombie Apocalypse, among many other titles. DeAnna writes science fiction, fantasy, horror, crime, and mystery for adults under her own name; adventurous weird fiction for middle-grade kids under the pseudonym De Kenyon; and has ghostwritten over a million words under various non-disclosable names. She's also obsessed with Alice in Wonderland. Her new book, One Dark Summer Night, is an '80s-style horror novel of the fae. Her website and blog are at

Niko Carcosa

Niko Carcosa is a poet and master of blank verse. Published in the sadly extinct microfiction magazine Quillpill, and a featured slam poet of Huntsville, AL's Outloud literary society, Niko started writing poetry in the third grade with a (for the time) brilliant poem about a venus flytrap. Their years in gaming are even longer, having started at the ripe old age of six with the D&D Blue Books.

S L Koch

S L Koch tells weird stories, and contributed to the creation of Enter The Shadowside - DESTINY. His latest works, The Reno Tapes and Liquid Hitler, can be found on Kindle. His newest work, Fragments Volume 2 and They’re Eating The Outside, will be published in 2018.
The Reno Tapes
Liquid Hitler

Shariann Lewitt

Shariann has written seventeen books under five different names. Most of her publications are hard science fiction, with particular interest in biology and biocomputing as she has a background in evolutionary and computational biology. Her better known titles include Memento Mori, Interface Masque, and Rebel Sutra, which was selected as a selection of the Science Fiction Book Club. They are available from Fantastic Books as well as on Amazon.

T Reynolds

T Reynolds is a researcher, writer and gamer who's working to bring all three together with a gaming company called Chromatic Chameleon Publishing. Their thesis paper at university was on developing the virtual landscape of Second Life, and they've worked as both a reference librarian and as a city archivist. T Reynolds' previous written work includes articles on competitive intelligence and cultural landscapes for scholarly publications, as well as assorted articles on gaming for Polymancer Magazine.

Tod Davies

Tod Davies, editorial director of indie Exterminating Angel Press, is the author of The History of Arcadia fairy tales for adults series, Snotty Saves the Day, Lily the Silent, The Lizard Princess, and the upcoming Report to Megalopolis (August 2018), as well as the Jam Today cooking memoir series, Jam Today: A Diary of Cooking With What You've Got and Jam Today Too: The Revolution Will Not Be Catered. Unsurprisingly, her attitude toward publishing, fantasy, cooking, and literature is the same: it's all about discovering and preserving human values. Davies lives with her husband, the filmmaker Alex Cox, and their two dogs, in the alpine valley of Colestin, outside of Ashland, Oregon.